Hyoyeon dancing like there’s no tomorrow requested by anon

Happy Birthday Jung Sooyeon, Jessica Jung!

Please stay healthy and wonderful. Keep smiling because you look so beautiful in that way. We love you!

Happy Birthday Jessica Jung…

All of this years of following snsd, all of this years of having you as a role model, teaching me so much, I am so grateful of having you in my life, without knowing each other, you’ve changed me. When I think about you I think about many things in my life. Thank you for giving me the chance of being a sone, thank you for being yourself, all the time and thank you for existing. We all love you, remember that Jess…You are loved.

hotel king episode 3 - ah mo-ne

hotel king ep.3

11.04.19 - 14.04.19 ♥ Happy 3rd anniversary of our fairies - APINK ♥